A person.
Used of a natural body, or of an artificial one created by law, as a corporation.
Body in the broad sense is the main central or principal part of anything as distinguished from subordinate parts. Waiberg v. Probst, Cust. & Pat.App., 474 F.2d 683, 687.
The main part of the human body; the trunk. The term however has also been held to embrace all members of the person, including the head and limbs.
Also the main part of an instrument.
In deeds it is spoken of as distinguished from the recitals and other introductory parts and signatures; in affidavits, from the title and jurat.
A collection of laws; that is, the embodiment of the laws in one connected statement or collection, called a "body of laws" (q.v.).
See also corpus
@ body corporate
A public or private corporation
- body execution
@ body heirs
See bodily (bodily heirs), heir of the body
@ body of a county
A county at large, as distinguished from any particular place within it. A county considered as a territorial whole. State v. Arthur, 39 Iowa 631; People v. Dunn, 31 App.Div. 139, 52 N.Y.S. 968
@ body of an instrument
The main and operative part; the substantive provisions, as distinguished from the recitals, title, jurat, etc.
@ body of laws
An organized and systematic collection or codification of laws; e.g. United States Code; California Code
@ body of the crime
@ body of the offense
@ body of the offense or crime
body of the offense (or crime)
When applied to any particular offense, means that the particular crime charged has actually been committed by someone. Barrett v. State, 57 Okl.Cr. 259, 47 P.2d 613, 617. The corpus delicti (q.v.)
@ body politic or corporate
A social compact by which the whole people covenants with each citizen, and each citizen with the whole people, that all shall be governed by certain laws for the common good. Uricich v. Kolesar, 54 Ohio App. 309, 7 N.E.2d 413, 414.
Also a term applied to a municipal corporation, school district, county or city. State or nation or public associations. Utah State Building Commission, for Use and Benefit of Mountain States Supply Co., v. Great American Indemnity Co., 105 Utah 11, 140 P.2d 763, 767

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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